Celebrating our employees' years of service

4th January 2017 Tex PreteNews, Jobs, Employee News
Celebrating our employees' years of service

Thank you to the following Farm World employees for your many years of service. We celebrate you and your accomplishments.

30 Year Service Award Recipient

Keith Matheson – Parts Specialist (Kinistino)


20 Year Service Award Recipients

Trevor Rumpel – Owner (Prince Albert)

Robert Suignard – Technician (Kinistino)


10 Year Service Award Recipient

Wayne Pederson – Welder (Kinistino)


5 Year Service Award Recipients

Aaron Hansen – Sales Specialist (Prince Albert)

Donna Reid – Receptionist (Kinistino)

Greg McEwen – CFO 

Maureen Soulier – Cleaner (Kinistino)

Mona Sharyk – Receptionist (Prince Albert)

Paul Ernst – Technician (Prince Albert)

Stuart Porter – Sales Specialist (Kinistino)

Shirley Walker – Cleaner (Kinistino) *photo not available

Ed Arp – Yard/Wash Bay (Prince Albert) *photo not available


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