Schulte Snow Blowers


Farm World has enjoyed a long relationship with Schulte Industries. We have been servicing and selling Schulte products for nearly 20 years and our staff will help you find the right Schulte snow blower for you and your operation.


Schulte Snow BlowersSDX-117

  • Schulte’s SDX-117 incorporates a 38” Five paddle open center cupped style fan which improves performance and is larger than most competitive designs on the market.
  • On the SDX-117, a 1000 RPM gear driven drive system is standard.
  • A size 8 Bondioli power shaft is included with shear pin protection to power the blower.
  • A Bondioli Italian made 1 piece gearbox drives this unit.
  • A heavily reinforced 23” bottom auger with formed struts ensures that hard chunks of snow and ice are fed into the fan with ease.
  • A 300 degree rotating chute includes a UHMW bearing area to reduce chute freeze up.
  • The new double deflector design reduces blowback when the chute deflector is placed in the down position.
  • Optional gauge wheels with tapered roller bearings available for highway or pavement use.
  • An optional 2” x 6” cylinder for chute deflection is available.


Schulte Snow BlowersSDX-102

  • 102” wide cut & efficient twin stage design ideally suited to 85-140 HP tractors w/ SDX-102.
  • Highly efficient 30” four paddle fan on the SDX-102 and 26” four paddle fan on the SDX-840, with an open center and cupped blades results in improved throwing distance.
  • Heavily reinforced auger feeds snow to the fan and ensures that chunks of ice & hard packed snow are broken up before being discharged.
  • A replaceable cutting blade & replaceable adjustable skid shoes are standard.
  • A heavy duty gearbox with 1 5/8” splined shafts provides positive power delivery to the fan.
  • A 300 degree rotating chute design includes a UHMW bearing area to reduce freeze up of the chute.
  • Shear bolt protection for the fan and cross auger.


Schulte Snow BlowersBX-62 

  • High Efficient 22” 4 paddle fan with open center & cupped blade design.
  • Gear driven rotator with high molecular plastic bearing surface ensures smooth rotation in the coldest conditions.
  • The oil bath gearbox input & fan shaft is a 1 3/8” diameter splined design for a positive connection to the power shaft & fan.
  • Hydraulic deflector available for control at the spout.

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