Posted: January 4, 2017

Thank you to the following Farm World employees for your many years of service. We celebrate you and your accomplishments.

30 Year Service Award Recipient

Keith Matheson – Parts Specialist (Kinistino)


20 Year Service Award Recipients

Trevor Rumpel – Owner (Prince Albert)

Robert Suignard – Technician (Kinistino)


10 Year Service Award Recipient

Wayne Pederson – Welder (Kinistino)


5 Year Service Award Recipients

Aaron Hansen – Sales Specialist (Prince Albert)

Donna Reid – Receptionist (Kinistino)

Greg McEwen – CFO 

Maureen Soulier – Cleaner (Kinistino)

Mona Sharyk – Receptionist (Prince Albert)

Paul Ernst – Technician (Prince Albert)

Stuart Porter – Sales Specialist (Kinistino)

Shirley Walker – Cleaner (Kinistino) *photo not available

Ed Arp – Yard/Wash Bay (Prince Albert) *photo not available



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