Tex Prete

Position: Owner & CEO

Phone: 306-864-3667

Alt. Phone: 306-864-7735


Tex Prete has been with Farm World for almost 20 years. As part owner, Tex plays an important role in the day-to-day management of Farm World, serving as the CEO & General Sales Manager. Tex started his 40-plus year career as an employee on his father’s mixed farm. It was here that he learned the importance of hard work, creative problem solving, entrepreneurial spirit and the value of team work. These cornerstone principles are centre to his leadership and business practices today.

Tex has led Farm World for over a decade. His honest and humble approach to business is appreciated by customers. Under his leadership, Farm World has experienced extraordinary growth – brand new stores at all three locations, expanded product lines, new service offerings, and more in-stock parts. Farm World is serving and working with more customers than ever before. Each day, Tex works with Farm World customers and employees to ensure our efforts help producers become more efficient, productive and successful. Tex is committed to keeping Farm World customers growing.

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